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How to Start a Micro Bakery Small Business


A collection of practical guides and tips into how to build your very own micro bakery small business. This is for every self taught/ passionate baker who dreams of turning their passion into a successful business. This course welcomes everyone from different backgrounds and stages of your bakery career. I’m so excited to guide you and provide the resources on how to start a micro bakery, how to source bakery equipment, how to find customers, how to find the right type of business model for you, how to scale up, find your niche, refine your production. This course also aims to guide you in a business and creative sense on how to create a brand image, how to make money as a baker and ultimately how to run a successful business. This course includes how to: - Find your first customers and local businesses to work with - Source Bakery Equipment - Get registered with your local council & paperwork - Figure out startup costs to fund a micro bakery - Run a profitable micro bakery small business - Scale up recipes and production - Find your niche as a baker - Refine your production as well as how to : - Create a brand to remember - Make money as a baker - Price your products - Run a successful business You will have unlimited access to every workshop available on the website as soon as you join. Join the course today!

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