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A handmade sourdough loaf made from 4 ingredients - WildFarmed flour, salt, water, olive oil and... time. Wildfarmed flour fixes the planet, because of the way they farm differently. By putting soil health first, and paying farmers properly, they grow delicious, highly nutritious food, in a way that heals the planet. I ferment each loaf over a 24 hour period to create deep flavours and a delicious crust.


Please contact Lily to discuss any allergies or intolerances before ordering.


Delivery on your chosen delivery day (8am-1pm)



  • WildFarmed wholegrain flour (GLUTEN)
  • WildFarmed T80 flour (GLUTEN)
  • organic rice flour (for dusting) 
  • olive oil
  • sea salt
  • water


(contains GLUTEN)


SIZING: I scale the dough at 800 grams; this weight will decrease in size as the dough becomes bread, to clarify any confusion!

South London Sourdough

Price Options
One-time purchase
sourdough delivery
£4.50every week until canceled
bi-monthly delivery
£2.25every week until canceled
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