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My Story

Lily’s loaf is a thoughtful plant based micro bakery and delivery service in South London. 


I founded my small business during lockdown, when freelance work was scarce and I simply couldn't find a full time job. This left me feeling pretty useless, very low and at rock bottom. So I decided the only way out was to create a job and structure for myself by following a dream I'd had for years. I decided to follow my dream of running my own bakery which caters to those with similar food allergies. Ever since I was a baby, I have been severely allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts so wanted to create a space for others to enjoy delicious baked goods... and the rest is history!

Lily's Loaf aspires to be a thoughtful bakery, both in the way it takes extra care with our customers' allergies and also in supporting a sustainable food system which puts the planet, the farmers, growers and suppliers at the very heart of the business. We use beautiful WildFarmed flour which advocates a regenerative farming system to create our products, as well as locally roasted Forty Acre Forest Coffee.

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